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some magıc ıs cookıng ın the mayan jungles

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Shadow on Concrete Wall

"without music, life would be a mistake"


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born on a very cold and snowy night in february of 1983 in ankara, turkey.

after a lovely childhood that took place mostly in the nature, in 2007 I graduated from interior architecture and environmental design at bilkent university.

from 2007 to 2018 I designed many projects, mostly in istanbul, under faarconcept architectural firm, as a partner.

recently, I discovered that the projects that I designed were more art installations rather than interior designs. so I design and create art installations in preference to only interiors.

for me art is all about beauty, about what gives us pleasure, even joy with all the positive vibes..


..now creating, designing, making..                   

                 and living instead of existing..


I am a dreamer..

and I am a designer

my passion is beauty!

all of my designs are my prayers 

I pray for abundance,

I pray for joy,

I pray for beauty..


Im in love with copper..

not only the energizing orange color,

but also Im in love with the way it changes in time

and sometimes with a little process..

for me this is a playful way of exploring beauty..

besides copper,

I use many different type of materials for my installations..

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