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I grove up in ankara, the capital of turkey, with my parents who are like cats and dogs but still lovingly together! spent a lovely childhood mostly in the nature, living in the suburbs, goin to camping, fishing with dad, enjoying fireside nights under the stars.. honestly I had a delightful childhood.

during my early years, including my collage education at bilkent university, where I studied interior architecture and environmental design, I was already aware that I should be creating and giving rather than taking in and learning something that I was not aligned with my interests, such as studying international relations. although I spent  2 years studying it.. in retrospect, now I can see it gave me a play time to experiment with different things..


after graduation in 2007, I moved to istanbul to pursue my dream of becoming an interior architect. I was lucky enough to work in a successful company where I collaborate with fascinating people and designed alluring projects. in 2009, I was promoted to partner. I designed mostly FnB (food and beverage) interiors, but I also worked on hotel, retail, clinic interiors, and even logos. my personal favorites were designing night clubs. 


besides my work, I was always curious about esoteric philosophy. I practiced reiki in the beginnings of 2000s. I took countless a psychological therapy sessions including psychodrama, quantum field explorations, family constellations, shamanic journeys with drums, breath works and plant medicines.


starting from 2007, I was becoming a yogini throughout my daily practices. in 2017, I realized I knew very little about it and decided to take a 500-hour teacher training course with mey elbi to become a certified yoga instructor. though I mainly use my certification to give private classes and teach the fundamentals of yoga to beginners, I believe its essential to include it in classes as I felt it was lacking.


in 2019, I left my firm in istanbul and embark on a supposed 6-month trip to tulum, mexico. the plan was to continue for another 6 months to the brazilian amazon, but as luck would have it, the cosmos intervened and encouraged me to stay in mexico as the covid pandemic hit the world. I chose to stay in these foreign magical mayan lands, and experienced a whole new world out there and also within. I was creating art installations, hotels, restaurants and also I was practicing yoga, breath-works, shamanic journeys and such in a much more deeper levels.


as the work never ends, in 2023, I went to asia to practice vipasana and darkroom retreat with grand master mantak chia (a taoist master) and get certified in advanced inner alchemy.


now Im back in my country, and living in bodrum. still passionate about creating art and 

designing and also as Im dedicated to the humanity’s evolution I give consultancy on life and relations..

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